Our ultrasound platform allows you to show pre-natal images in 3D in virtual reality. You can easily clean them, watch them in Virtual Reality environments and bring them home to show them to family and friends in AR or VR. We work with both Samsung and General Electric 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasound machines.


Seeing your baby for the first time is an unexplainable feeling. You can now get an even more immersive and realistic view of your baby in the womb. With this advanced technology, you can see your baby in incredible detail and explore their features from every angle (subject to the ecographer limitations)


By bringing home a cardboard or AR experience, you can invite your family and friends to join you in this exciting journey. This not only allows you to share the joy and excitement of your baby with your loved ones but also helps create lasting memories that you can treasure for years to come.


You can move the light source to see the shadows exactly where you want them, and select the skin color you expect from your baby. This can be particularly helpful for parents who are curious about how their baby will look and want to get a better idea of what to expect.


You can easily share this special moment with your online community. Whether you want to post a picture of your baby's adorable little nose or show off their tiny fingers, using a 5D ecography visualization tool in VR allows you to capture and share these special moments with ease.

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