Discover VR visualization tools for healthcare and enter a new dimension to visualize medical data. We offer a core visualization platform with a growing set of modules to help your department improve diagnosis precision, treatment safety, and analysis speed.

Visualization tool

Our VR visualization platform allows you to load your dicom files in one click, and visualize the real data they hold, in an additional dimension We allow classic orthogonal visualization planes like most other software, but also provide a VR visualization that allows doctors to see and interpret data from completely new perspectives.

Our ultrasound platform allows you to show pre-natal images in 3D in virtual reality. You can easily clean them, watch them in Virtual Reality environments and bring them home to show them to family and friends in AR or VR. We work with both Samsung and General Electric 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasound machines.

Our Core visualization tool includes measurements, selection of regions of interest, manual segmentation, threshold manipulation and cutting specific sections with slicing planes.

We offer specialized modules for specific use-cases (e.g., vascular surgery, oncology, etc.) with tools adapted to that department needs, and we can work with you to prepare for new use-cases.

We can also work with other 3D image sources not necessarily coming from medicine (e.g. 2-photon microscopy). Let us know your needs if you need a special type of file open.

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