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Catalonia Bio HealthTech 2023
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CataloniaBio & HealthTech

Last Thursday, April 27th, CataloniaBio & HealthTech successfully hosted the inaugural edition of ConnectionDay at the renowned Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO) in Barcelona. The event brought together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from various fields to explore the transformative potential in Healthcare. During the event, a captivating presentation on Virtual Reality in Healthcare took center stage, captivating...

Special week in Lanzadera

The last week of April 2023 was the most special week since we joined Lanzadera. During this week, we reached the halfway point of the acceleration program and had the great pleasure of receiving a masterclass from Juan Roig, the president of Mercadona. In just three hours, he synthesized so...

How Artificial intelligence (AI) can transform the healthcare industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the healthcare industry in numerous ways, including the way doctors conduct medical consultations. With AI technology, medical professionals can provide more efficient, accurate, and personalized care for patients. One of the ways in which AI is enhancing medical consultations is through its ability to process and...